At the peak of Ever After


On June 28, 2015, my boyfriend surprised me with a proposal on top of a mountain. A place I would continually hold dear, because I came here 3 times now. The first time I went, it was raining and yet our group were so happy dancing. We prayed and the others prayed with us too. That was a day a butterfly was out of her cocoon. The second time I passed, there were only 5 of us and we can’t help but marvel at how great our God is, that was the time I danced like David and sang praises to Jesus. A time I believe, my heart said yes to Jesus as my ultimate ONE and ALL.

There were a few other friends who involved themselves on what was going to happen, and celebrated with our engagement. This time, I said yes to a person God has allowed me to walk with and fulfill my purposes with. The 3rd strand in the cord wove by God for my life. The person I will decide to help and submit to.

I know my love listens to God, because he was able to orchestrate the perfect proposal,with the perfect ring, and the perfect moment, with the perfect people to help him. They were perfect because he excited them with the guidance of the one thing that is perfect. Our impeccable father. God. It was a joyful occurrence. We were both delighted and laughing, and our hearts are overwhelmed. The weather was stunning despite the rainy season already here. Who else could bless us with such. The elements for me,spoke of God’s acknowledgement to our union. As it transpired. I couldn’t help but think how extravagant and awesome God is. And He loves overflowing through Normann. I could say this, because in  a short period that me and Normann have known each other, God has ordained many times for us to know important things we need to learn for now, about each other. We waited and He prepared us for this. He leads our hearts to know what could each person be captivated with. Our creator would know best, what could make each of us smile.

And I uttered “yes” because I am ready to venture what is about to unfold for us. And were both inflamed, for the best that are yet to come.

Thank you my love. I could not ask for more. The contentment in my heart has made me appreciate even the littlest efforts you would do for me. And yet, you do them even more amazingly than what I can ever hope for. You are most incredible, with God on your side. I love you. Thanks to all the people who came and helped. Yesterday was not possible and beautiful without you. And thank you Lord for guiding our every step, and for making us really vibe your presence every time. Yesterday was lovely because you are divine. A day I will forever carve in my heart…💖💛💙


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